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Climate of Goa

Goa situated around 1200 km south of Tropic of Cancer, the climate of Goa is more or less temperate, except during the monsoon. It lasts in the months of June to September. Weather of Goa is pleasant and sunny because the state lies on the western coast of Konkan. There is not sharp fluctuation in the temperature here as there is no clear demarcation among all the seasons except monsoon.


The best time to visit Goa is during winter season which lasts from November to March. Obviously, it is the peak season of the state. The weather is the most suitable for enjoyment on pristine beaches. One of the most popular festival of Goa is Goa Carnival festival celebrated in the month of February. Christmas and New Year are celebrated here with the rare amount of excitement. Night Parties are organized on beaches and hotels.


Monsoon occurs between the months of June and September. It is the main feature of the Goan climate. This state is situated on the path of southwest monsoon. It results in a dry spell of six to eight months which is followed by annual rainfall in remaining four months. Humidity increases suddenly with the onset of the monsoon. It continues for almost two months. Clear skies become hazy and then cloudy during the period. Around 250 cm to 300 cm of rain is normal during monsoon although the downpour is considerably high on western ghats than on the coast.


Although it may be perhaps uncomfortable for you to walk on the beaches in the summers. But you can visit wildlife sanctuaries and spice plantations. You will also get benefited with heavy off-season discounts on fooding, lodging, sightseeing or beverages. The skies are clear and weather is pleasant for four to five months after monsoon. The climate is near perfect-cloudless blue skies, warm but not hot climate and calm seas during October to February. Humidity starts rising in Mid-Marchwith the arrival of monsoon. As this is evident from details menti- oned above, Goa offers a very friendly climate for the visitors. Domestic tourists prefer Goa for its temperate climate and salubrious breeze from the sea, foreign tourists prefer it for abundance of sun shine.
  • Climate:-
  • Summer
  • Mid-March to End of June (Min. 25�C - Max. 45 �C)
  • Rainfall
  • July to end September (26 inches)
    Annually (325 cms)
  • Winter
  • Late November to Mid -February (Min. 3 �C - Max. 11 �C)