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Culture of Goa

The rich culture of Goa is evident as you tour the streets of the state. The harmonious existence of different cultures and beliefs is endorsed by the co-existence of churches, temples and synagogues. The influence of Portuguese, however, can be seen in its music, food, festival and architecture. The diverse culture of Goa becomes more evident as you tour through Goa. The modern and happening lifestyle of the beaches gives way to the deeply religious aspects - the number of churches and temples, dotting the landscape of the state.

People of Goa

The people constitute a major part of the Goan culture. You will find Konkanis and people of Portuguese descent residing in absolute peace and harmony. Similarly Christians, Hindus and Muslims co-exist peacefully in the cities of Goa. Ganesh chaturthi and Diwali is celebrated with equal zest as Christmas and Easter. This harmonious existence, putting aside their origins, religious beliefs and reveling in being Goan is also part of the culture of Goa.

Goa art

The blend of different culture is yet again evident in the arts of Goa. Often you will see Indian patterns being weaved onto Portuguese craft work. The handmade sea shell pieces of jewellery and other items of decorations are famous. Since the 15th century, pottery, bamboo works and crocheting have been used for making utilitarian items and showpieces.

Goa music

Goan music ranges from classical Indian tunes to jazz. Kirtan and bhajan are as popular as Portuguese and local Goan tunes. Konkani and Hindi songs are listened to as much as English songs. The local residents of Goa love music and you will find people breaking out in a song anytime anywhere. Each of the villages has a band of their own. The music is often peppered with Portuguese words and phrases.Religious music and hymns are also a part of life in Goa. Goa Trance is a popular form of music at present.This is best enjoyed during a dance. Speaking of dances,there are different colorful folk dances that gives you an insight into the rich culture of the place. Dekhni, Dhalo, Tonvamel are some of the dance forms.

Food in Goa

The lip smacking seafood and other Goan delicacies, tempered with Konkani and Portuguese spices are another aspect of the culture of Goa. Goan cuisine carries traces of the different cultures that are or have been part of the state.