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Palaces of Rajasthan

The Palaces of Rajasthan are the essence of the heritage of Rajasthan. Serving as the residences of the Royal families the Palaces are a perfect blend of the Rajput and Mughal architecture. These grand monuments are the living reminders of the lifestyle and history of the kings of Rajasthan. The Palaces of Rajasthan stand not only as independent structures but are even found within several fort complexes. These Palaces are the true examples of the exquisite architecture of Rajasthan. The Palaces encompass beautiful gardens, fountains, temples, durbars, separate men and women quarters within its fold. Today most of the Palaces serve as heritage hotels and also house some of the finest museums of Rajasthan.

After the Royal house the merchants were the most affluent class in Rajasthan. In keeping with their prestige the merchants got heavily decorated mansions or Havelis built as a place of their residence. Like Palaces the Havelis are found in almost all the cities of Rajasthan but the mansions of Jaisalmer and Shekhawati region are the most elaborate and popular ones. The Havelis of Rajasthan are adorned by beautiful frescoes in vibrant colors like blue, indigo, maroon, red, green and yellow. The walls of the Havelis are a visual treat with their beautiful paintings depicting scenes from mythology, daily life and colorful customs of Rajasthan. The mansions are indeed a reflection of the excellent craftsmanship of the Hindu and Muslim workers.